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Race After 1977 FREE until noon today!

25 Nov 2011

To celebrate Thanksgiving Race After 1977 will be FREE until noon today! Be quick and get it HERE NOW!
4S optimized version is available NOW!

19 Nov 2011

An update to Race After 1977 is available! This version includes 4S support and optimizations! Also limited time pricedrop to $0.99! Get it HERE NOW!
During the weekend Race After 1977 full version is FREE!

29 Oct 2011

In cooperation with Monster Free Apps we bring you the full version of Race After 1977 this weekend for FREE! Grab it here while you can!
FREE EDITION is out now!

16 Sep 2011

The FREE Edition of Race After 1977 is out! Test your prowess on the wastelands of the RA1977 world before buying the full version at only $0.99 for a limited time! Get the FREE Edition HERE!
Independence Day SALE! $0.99

02 Jul 2011

In a wasteland world everyone is independent! Get your universal copy now at $0.99 during this weekend only! Get it HERE!
Race After 1977 ON SALE!

03 May 2011

To celebrate being featured in the 'What We're Playing' category on the US App Store the price of Race After 1977 is down to $0.99 for a limited amount of time! Get your copy HERE!
Race After 1977 v1.1.0 Live on the App Store!

26 Apr 2011

Race After 1977 v1.1.0 is live on the App Store! Performance and handling improvements included!
Help AppsJP.com's promo code giveaway relief effort!

25 Apr 2011

AppsJP.com in collaboration with iPhoneGamerUK and iFanzine are running a promo code givaway campaign to help relief efforts in Japan. Please help them if you can!
Race After 1077 ON SALE NOW!

20 Apr 2011

As of today Race After 1977 is on SALE for $2.99 (£1.79, €2.39).
Get your copy HERE!
Race After 1077 v1.1.0 awaiting review

17 Apr 2011

Race After 1977 v1.1.0 awaiting review with Apple. Bugfixes, performance boosts and tighter controls included.
iPad / iPad2 version and iPhone update incoming

08 Apr 2011

The team behind Race Afte 1977 is working on an update to the iPhone version while simultaneously concluding the iPad / iPad2 version and preparing to submit to Apple. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up to date info on what's going on in the world of Race After 1977!
New Trailer Video available on YouTube

08 Apr 2011

To accompany the release of Race After 1977 on the App Store we have released a new official trailer video which can be found HERE!
Race After 1977 goes live on the App Store!

07 Apr 2011

As of today, Race After 1977 is available on the App Store! You can find it HERE!
Great review in Swedish by our friends @ Teknikapan.se

02 Mar 2011

Very detailed Hands-On review in Swedish by Jonas Hedenquist available over @ Teknikapan.se!
Join the Discussion @ touchArcade

27 Feb 2011

Join us in discussing the upcoming release of Race After 1977 at the touchArcade forums!
German Hands-On Preview & Gameplay Video @ iPlayApps,de

25 Feb 2011

Hands-On preview of Race After 1977 in German at iPlayApps.de!
Hands-On Preview @ AppSmile

19 Feb 2011

Hands-On preview at AppSmile!
Hands-On Preview of Race After 1977 in French @ LiveTouch

16 Feb 2011

A French Hands-On preview at LiveTouch!
An Italian article about Race After 1977

15 Feb 2011

A short article about Race After 1977 in Italian at Videogame.it!
French article about Race After 1977

12 Feb 2011

A French take on Race After 1977 at FunTouch!




   Race After 1977 is a high-paced racing experience for iOS platform devices. Set in a post-apocalyptic world of scorching wastelands and nuclear winter, Race After 1977 will provide hours of fun as you race against your opponents, sliding through sand and ice, slamming opponents out of the way, and jumping onto walls to seize the advantage.

   Driven by a custom built full-physics 3D engine and adorned by high-end graphics, Race After 1977 delivers a gaming console experience to the world of mobile device racing games.

   Race After 1977 is a leap from the industry standard flat-surfaced and walled-in routine that has plagued the mobile racing games for so long.
    The full physics experience of the custom engine will let your car slide on gravel, drive on dam walls, leap over opponents, slam them into walls, jump across ruined bridges, swerve on uneven grounds and skid into oblivion… All that while trying to compete against an AI that adapts to your skills and will not hesitate to run you off the road.

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Meet the enemy! Learn all about the past lives, mental quirks and dark secrets of the racers you will be facing on the tracks of this desolate world!


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