Bleached Free is out too!

21 Sep 2013

The FREE version of Bleached is out on the App Store! Get it HERE to try out our latest game!

Bleached website is up and running!

18 Sep 2013

A dedicated website for Bleached is up HERE!

Bleached is out!

18 Sep 2013

Our new fluid puzzler is out on the App Store! Get your copy NOW!

Version 1.4.0 is out!

05 Jan 2013

Race After 1977 is now updated with full Retina support for all Retina devices! Get your copy NOW!



... the year when the King last struck a chord on stage, a year of turmoil, a year of terrorism, a year when all the world powers talked about disarming, while secretly testing dozens over dozens of nuclear weapons. It was a year when the world ached for stability and the military yearned for conflict. It was a year of technical advance, a year personal computing took off towards rapid expansion. It was the year the Internet protocol was born.

1977 was a year of hope. 1977 was the last year.





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